Join Us For Our Summer Reading Kick-Off Party!

Summer Reading Summer Reading Program

Summer 2017

Who: Readers and listeners, pre K~ 8th grade
What: Summer Reading Fun 2017
When: To be determined
Where: Southwest Harbor Public Library & Bass Harbor Memorial Library 

Come to the library this summer! We have great books and rewards for kids who read everyday! Bass Harbor Memorial Library will be joining us again in the same fun program.

Here’s How:

  • Bring your parents to the library to sign up as soon as school is out.
  • Agree to read at least 20 minutes each day, or refer to the goals you set at the end of the school year.
  • We’ll give you a reading journal.
  • You or a parent write down the title of each book you read or listen to.
  • Once a week, bring your journal to the library to have a mini book talk with a librarian. We have picture response forms for younger readers and listeners. If your book is long, don’t worry, finished or not we still want to see you once a week. We’ll talk for a few minutes, initial your reading log and give you a reward!
  • There are seven weeks and many rewards to choose from such as, miniature golf games, goodies, and gifts donated by local merchants.
  • Pemetic and Tremont students please take your journals to school in the fall; teachers want to see them.

Please choose a reward before you come to the library!

Here are samples of the awards from 2016. Awards to be confirmed:

  1. Abbe Museum - free pass for one child and one parent
  2. Bass Harbor Camp Ground - day pass for swimming pool
  3. Carroll Drug Store - treat from gift basket
  4. Gott's Store - slice of pizza
  5. Little Notch Café - cookie
  6. Maine Granite Museum - free family pass
  7. Milagro Cafe - smoothie
  8. Pirate's Cove Adventure Golf - a token for miniature gold
  9. Pizzaz - gift
  10. Quietside Café - small ice cream cone
  11. Sawyer's Market - popsicle
  12. Seal Cove Auto Museum - free pass for one parent and one child
  13. Under the Dogwood Tree - gift
  14. Wendell Gilley Museum - free pass for one parent and one child